“Life is an adventure of our own design, intercepted by fate, and a series of lucky and unlucky accidents.” Patti Smith

I guess photography has been on my life one of those "lucky accidents", I grew up in between peter lindberg images and Boticceli painting books...I allways loved woman, the shape of their bodys, the curves....I allways been painting curves ...womans curves, I guess photography was just the natural step of that creative expresion....exchanging pencil into a camera....allways trying to understand how the ligth was going to resolve the final mistery.

I studied Ars, I made my degree on Graphic desing and I finish my studies with a degree on fashion desing ....I allways been pasionated about fashion. Since I was I kid.

When I was 29 I decided to travel to NYC,i worked as a stylist for 4 years, and ny was the natural steep. I cant describe how the energy of the city beat me.Maybe untill that moment I was not brave enough to grad a camera, then Leica arrive into my hands,....I remember the felling...i remember that energy because i can feel it every day on my life when I am shooting.

For the last 5 years i had been working both sides of the Atlantic, Europe and NYC, with amazing clients such as Marie Claire, Elle, l'officiel, BBM magazine, So Chic, Nylon, So Glitter Magazine, La Vanguardia Magazine,...etc

My style is feminine, sexy and fresh, I love natural lightening, and what i love the most is to make people feel beautiful in front of my camera. I do believe in team work, and thats my philosophy in work.